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Big day for wildlife, salmon, clean water, old-growth forests, and the public
Actions to reduce utility-related seabird deaths and injuries underway
San Francisco blocked from redeveloping Superfund shipyard before environmental toxins clean-up
The Pacific Northwest's Elwha River returns thanks to Earthjustice support
Improvements will produce big savings and emissions reductions
Harmful practice of winter feeding leads to overcrowding and diseases
Eleventh Circuit in Atlanta rules in Favor of EPA settlement with Earthjustice
Fishing, conservation groups call for solutions table on salmon crisis
Limits on sediment fail to assure clear water, judge rules
City of San Francisco ordered not to proceed with the redevelopment of toxic land at the Superfund site until clean up process is complete
Judge rules that U.S. Fish and Wildlife acted “capriciously” in claiming threats were no longer present
Disposal of polluted wastewater in state waters at issue
Toxic chemicals in clean-up plans signal need for stronger oversight
Judge says government plan doesn’t do enough to protect San Pedro River, endangered species
Final judgment reinstates rule protecting intact forests while allowing hydropower, transmission lines, and mining to proceed