Maura Flynn

No one should be exposed to toxic air simply because polluters do not want to pay to clean up their acts.

Profession: Registered Nurse
Group Affiliation: Massachusetts Association of Registered Nurses/American Nurses Association

Clean Air Ambassador:

Maura Flynn

Maynard, MA

I have been concerned about air pollution since the 1970s when activists brought that issue to the attention of the public. At the time, I was living near a municipal incinerator and I remember that ash and cinders were in the air all the time. As a nurse, I am aware of the data regarding the rising incidence of childhood asthma and other respiratory problems.

Where I live, highway traffic and coal-burning plants are of particular concern. I am especially concerned about diesel pollution.

I want President Obama, members of Congress, and U.S. Environmental Protection Agency officials to acknowledge that there is no such thing as "clean coal." It is important that our air is safe to breathe. No one should be exposed to toxic air simply because polluters do not want to pay to clean up their acts. Congress and other officials should be making decisions that affect our health based on science rather than political contributions.

2013 Clean Air Ambassador 2013 Clean Air Ambassador: Maura Flynn.
Maura was also a Clean Air Ambassador during the second
50 States United for Healthy Air event, held in May 2013.
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Maybe if you point out to them that they actually breathe the same air and drink the same water they would actually wake up and have some common sense for a change instead of greed.

It'sw time we favored clean air for our people in lieu of polluting for the corporate interestrs!

Tell Congress, especially the Repubs, that their primary responsibility is to represent the citizens, not business interests. When the two conflict, it must be the people who prevail. Clearly, there are times when legislation to support business is called for. But elected officials should FIRST look after the populace, and those who do not have the power and influence that wealth and economic force confer upon big business.

The failure to put their priorities in proper order is what government truly does that causes the citizenry to revolt, not some imagined slight from some brain-addled "tea-party activist."

I too would like public acknowledgement by the President that there is no such thing as clean coal!! And I do wish there might be a way to demonstrate to the Congressional Committee or whomever you will meet with what dirty air is and feels like. A room full of smog and or coal dust might just help them see the light if they have difficulty breathing. I'd prefer science based decision making, however, all too often it appears that personal pain is the only true road to reason, I applaud you for doing this and wish you strength and much luck.

The fossil fuel industry has been using our atmosphere as an open sewer without consequences for too long. The health of everything on this earth, people, animals and plants, are being affected by toxic chemicals and high levels of ground-level ozone, attributable to the burning of rossil fuels. Carbon is already sequestered in the ground; let's leave it there, and look to the heaves (wind and solar) for our energy, instead of cremating long dead plants and animals.

x I agree with what you are doing, more power to the people

live near a coal-burning power plant.The plant has installed scrubbers, so I am told, but I have no confidence that scrubbers take care of the problem of dirty coal. a while back I was traveling near the power plant and I started to feel sick. As I continued to travel away from the plant, I felt better. The coincidence is unmistakable. I do not know when the scrubbers were installed. A neighbor told me recently that she could see the particulates coming from the direction of the plant. I know what lung diseases are like as several members of my family, now dead ,
had lung diseases of various sorts. Not being able to breath or being short of breath is very scary. There is no logic to resisting efforts to make the air clean.

Seriously, we can take care of this now or pay the consequences later.

I quite appreciate the ability to breath clean air, as does my family. . .my cat and the raccoons who live in our frontyard tree. .

Coal is the #1 climate change agent, as faras I can discern. . .

Clean up our air!

Coal is inherently dirty because of the methods used to extract it and the air and water pollution that accompanies it.

Protect us from these toxins under the Clean Air and Clean Water Acts, please.

I support Registered Nurse: Maura Flynn in Maynard, Massachusetts. I agree that there is no such thing as clean coal. I have had asthma my whole life and need to breathe clean air so I can be healthy!

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