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Alison Cagle is a writer at Earthjustice. She is based in San Francisco. Alison tells the stories of the earth: the systems that govern it, the ripple effects of those systems, and the people who are fighting to change them — to protect our planet and all its inhabitants.

Fort Myers resident Crystal Johnson set up a makeshift emergency center in Hurricane Irma's wake after the government failed to provide adequate aid to her neighborhood.
January 17, 2020

Florida’s Waters Are Rising, But So Are Its People

Residents, city leaders, and frontline workers are rallying around climate resilience strategies in the absence of federal leadership.

Crystal Johnson, residente de Fort Myers, estableció un improvisado centro de emergencias a raíz del Huracán Irma y luego de que el gobierno no suministrara ayuda adecuada a su barrio.
January 17, 2020

Las Aguas de La Florida Se Levantan, Pero Su Gente También

Residentes y líderes comunitarios unen esfuerzos en torno a estrategias de resiliencia climática

Berkeley City Councilmember Kate Harrison authored Berkeley natural gas ban
August 23, 2019

Coming Soon to Your Home: Cleaner Air and Climate Action

The world is watching how Berkeley implements a new ordinance moving new buildings off dirty gas to all-electric power.

August 12, 2019

Cuts to Animal Protections Aren’t Surprising to Anyone Who Knows David Bernhardt

As a former oil and gas lobbyist, Interior Secretary David Berhardt has a long history of proposing regulations that benefit industry at the risk of species extinction.

July 11, 2019

Earthjustice VP of Climate Litigation Is Ramping Up Transition to 100% Clean

New VP of Climate Litigation Jill Tauber, along with the climate and energy team, are working to spur a swift, equitable transition to clean energy — a task more urgent now than it has ever been.

central electrica y garza gris
May 14, 2019

Cómo Trump Puede Empeorar La Crisis de la Extinción

Un millón de especies están en riesgo de desaparecer debido a la actividad humana, de acuerdo con un reporte de la ONU, y aun así la administración propone debilitar las protecciones de especies nativas.

May 8, 2019

With Extinction Crisis Brewing, Biden Has a Chance to Do Better Than Trump

One million species are at risk of extinction due to human activity, a UN report says. The time for government action is now.