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The Latest On: Headquarters

July 2, 2018 | In the News: Law360

New Earthjustice President’s Game Plan

Abigail Dillen, Earthjustice: "This is a moment for mounting the strongest possible defense against the Trump administration in the federal courts, and it's the moment for fanning out among the states and pushing the most aggressive agenda possible."

June 28, 2018 | In the News: ThinkProgress

Here’s What Environmental Law Experts Think About Justice Kennedy’s Retirement

Abigail Dillen, VP of Litigation for Climate & Energy, Earthjustice: “In Justice Kennedy we did not have an environmental champion but we had a pragmatic conservative who in critical instances recognized that conservative ideology was out of step with the values of most people in the United States. He softened the hardest line, and the hope was that his pragmatism would help the Court productively grapple with the existential issue of climate change.”