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The Latest On: Coal

May 6, 2018 | In the News: Politico

EPA Clamps Down On Document Requests Linked To Pruitt

Thomas Cmar, Attorney, Earthjustice: “Political staff appear to be keeping a very close eye on what information is being requested and released to the public. It raises concerns and it raises questions that need to be answered about whether EPA is living up to its obligations to make basic information about its activities available to the public that it’s supposed to be serving.“

April 23, 2018 | Press Release: Victory

Millennium Coal Loses Again

Proposed coal export terminal suffers another blow, this time from appellate board

April 2, 2018 | In the News: New Yorker

Scott Pruitt’s Dirty Politics

Lisa Evans, Senior Administrative Counsel, Earthjustice: “The atmosphere was confident to the point of snarkiness. It was, like, ‘We are getting a new rule, and we wrote the playbook for the E.P.A. on it.’ ”

March 15, 2018 | In the News: Inside Climate News

EPA Environmental Justice Adviser Slams Pruitt's Plan to Weaken Coal Ash Rules

Lisa Evans, Senior Administrative Counsel, Earthjustice: "The data clearly show that nationwide we have a significant problem. Consistently, what I see at these coal ash dumps is an indication that they are leaking, which confirms what we had suspected before the data came out. Most of the sites are unlined, and there are effectively no barriers to stop the hazardous contaminants from leaking into underlying groundwater."