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Zero emissions means no pollutants that dirty our air or disrupt our climate.

The Right To Zero campaign is transforming the way we use energy and transport goods, services and ourselves across California.

From our power grid to ports, buses to garbage trucks, it’s time for California to ditch fossil fuels and lead the shift to zero-emissions. Earthjustice is fighting for zero to save lives, protect our climate and strengthen our economy.

We won’t just imagine a zero-emissions future. We will live it.

Take Action: Tell your state Representative: I support SB100!

This is what zero looks like
Electrify My Bus

Map of Los Angeles.Together with a coalition of labor, environmental and public transportation activists, Earthjustice successfully pushed Los Angeles Metro to invest in a full fleet of zero-emissions electric buses. In a big win for zero emissions, LA Metro committed to America’s largest investment in electric buses: $138 million in 2017, with plans to go fully electric by 2030.

Then, late last year, California became the first state to commit to a 100% electric transit bus fleet — ten years from now, public transit agencies in the state will only be purchasing new quiet, efficient zero-emission buses.

Beginning with electric buses for the communities most impacted by toxic air pollution, this transition will clean up the air around the public transit lifelines that move us around our cities.

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